You’re pursuing a passion for climbing. We’re here to give the support and tools you need along the way. Since 2006, we’ve provided quality holds, exceptional services and genuine partnerships to the people that make climbing the community we call a home.

Our Story

Rock Candy Holds was established in 2006 when our reach didn’t extend far beyond our North Eastern Ohio home. Thousands of shapes and years later though, Rock Candy has become a staple in gyms and on home walls around the world. We think staying true to the sport, a bit of hard work, and the pursuit of excellence have helped shape Rock Candy into a brand that produces quality holds, provides excellent services and genuine partnerships that last. We are grateful to the global climbing community for choosing Rock Candy time and time again.

Our Shapes

Every shape we’ve released is meant to provide setters and climbers with a unique opportunity to create movement and have fun. Our holds are created with a texture that provides enough grit to withstand typical gym traffic for years while being easy on the hands. We’re grateful to be recognized by the industry as a company providing some of the best products in the scene.

From Start to Finish

The best way to understand anything is to see the entire process. In 2016, we opened our own bouldering gym in Akron, Ohio. In 2017, we integrated directly with our manufacturer to have better control over production quality and turnaround time for our customers. This gives us a complete picture of how climbing holds get from our hands to yours. We ensure every hold is meticulously color matched and inspected for quality before shipment, and we watch how our shapes are put to use by our route setters at Rock Mill Climbing every day. This knowledge helps us deliver better quality, better service, and better shapes to you. If you’re ever in the area, come say hey, we’d be happy to show you around and get a climbing session in.

Supporting Those Who Make It Possible

Our favorite part of creating climbing holds is seeing how they’re put to use. We have route setters to thank for that. See how we’re giving back and supporting the growth of the profession by checking out our Support Your Local Route Setter program.

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