Keep Moving Up

Your next project is a big deal and we’re looking forward to hearing about it. Every step in gym development is a bit different from the last and brings new challenges and requirements. As fellow gym owners and industry partners, we’re here to support your vision and help you share your love of climbing.

No matter what your journey brings, you can be sure your holds will arrive on time and within budget.You can get in touch with us about anything at all, but here are a few things our partners like about working with us:

Our Holds


The climbing holds on your walls are the most physical touch point your climbers have with you. Hold quality and the visual and tactile experience they deliver matter. You want holds to inspire your route setters and keep climbers stoked.

Rock Candy’s product line is over 1,600 holds and counting and we think every shape meets those goals.  Once produced, each hold is hand inspected to ensure its quality and color match to the 47 industry standard colors.

The Right Mix

Your holds don’t exist on their own though. They live in routes, and a good mix of routes needs a good mix of holds. We’ve shaped our line into a diverse range that covers every function, texture, and size you might need. You’ll receive a proposal that considers your wall space, difficulty range, and route turnover.

For rough planning and a few factors to consider, check out our Hold Calculator under Resources.

Fast Turnaround

You shouldn’t have to wait months to get your climbing holds. We’re happy to provide one of the fastest production times in the commercial climbing industry. For standard order, we ship any hold, any color, in two weeks or less.

We know there are a lot of climbing holds to choose from and we’re grateful that you consider Rock Candy.


20% Off Retail

That’s the standard discount climbing gyms and commercial projects receive from Rock Candy. Set up a wholesale account with us and you’ll see your savings reflected across the site.

Bulk Discounts

For larger projects, we can offer deeper discounts.

25% off retail for orders over $15,000
30% off retail for orders over $20,000

If you are an existing partner and want the flexibility to meet these thresholds across multiple orders, contact us about our Sales Agreement.


Rock Candy is proud to be well-known for our prices on route setting hardware. Bulk hardware orders receive free shipping every day. New projects also receive 2.5% of their opening order back as hardware credit.


Ease of Ordering

Order online or work directly with us. You’ll have a streamlined experience either way.

For larger orders, you might prefer to use our Order Form. When you’re ready, you can send it over to us or upload it here to populate your cart.

If you need payment flexibility, get in touch with us to request net 30 terms.

A Partnership That Lasts

Established in 2006, Rock Candy Holds has been here for years and, with any luck, will be here for years to come.

With every new venture, we strive to lay a solid foundation for your business and when you’re ready to grow, we’ll be right there with you on your next project.

Quality Advice

You deserve a network of industry support. We’re fellow gym owners and have seen some of the same struggles and triumphs you’re likely to.

We’re here to help. No paying for white papers or add-on consulting services.

Get in touch

We're looking forward to hearing about your plans. Drop us a line if you have any questions or are ready for some help!

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