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Our History 

Over ten years ago, Rock Candy started shaping and pouring holds for the Northeast Ohio climbing community it was founded on. We've remained close to our roots, but since 2006 our customer service, classic textures, and ergonomic shapes have consistently earned Rock Candy a spot in the Climbing Business Journal's Grip List, USA Climbing Competitions, and world-class gyms around the globe.  

Support Your Local Route Setter 

Route setters are at the heart of indoor climbing. You bring our passion for climbing to life on the walls by setting the lines and creating the movements that continue to inspire and push climbers everywhere.  

Rock Candy strives to enable setters to perform their craft through sponsorship, providing the specialized tools they need at the lowest prices, and getting free holds into their hands through our Support Your Local Route Setter program.  

Let us know what we can do for you by dropping us a line. Have a competition coming up? Apply for our Support Your Local Route Setter program 

Gym Consultation, Guest Setting, and Route Setting Clinics 

Our team of shapers, gym owners, and route setters is here to get your next project up and running. Whether you're opening your first gym or your tenth, we offer free consultation to make sure you have what you need to run a successful operation. By keeping cost-per-hold low, and providing the right mix of hold types and shapes, we'll make sure you keep your setters and climbers happy.  

Try downloading our free Hold Calculator to estimate what you'll need, or give us a call to talk through the details on your project. 

Rock Candy was born out of a love for climbing and route setting. We'd be happy to help you with a new gym set, turnover, or route setting clinic. Contact us for pricing and let us know how we can help. 




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Get functional and inspiring climbing holds for your gym or home wall project, plus all the hardware and tools at the best prices.


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