An expansion on our Mesa line, these holds bring a new, juggy twist to that same smooth, organic style. These new shapes make it easier to expand the grade range the Mesas are suited for with more small-radius, low-profile jugs and a few new large sloper shapes that can serve as focal points on more vertical routes.

Mesa Feature B

A more positive take on the original Mesa feature, this hold inspires bold move with a comfortable grip.

Mesa Feature C

Sticking to the Mesas' slopey roots, this is the slopiest feature yet and great for both vertical and slab routes.

Mesas 2XL

A mixture of positive jugs and slopers, this set is designed to expand the grade range and add tons of dimension to your routes.

Mesas 3XL c

Smooth, positive, and versatile—these shapes offer a smaller radius and lower profile jug.

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