We make holds for people that love to climb, but route setters make climbing possible. Though Support Your Local Route Setter has taken on different forms over the years, its purpose remains to inspire and educate commercial setting professionals.

Past Events

Youth Competition Setting With Joey Jannsen

October 2019

Youth competitions are a great source for community engagement and event income for gyms, but they can be a lot to manage. These events usually require a total gym reset and meticulous route ordering. Climbs need to work for youth competitors and then the gym’s regular climbers afterwards.

Level 4 USAC setter Joey Jannsen taught clinic attendees how to manage this challenge at an organizational and technical level.

Over two days of instruction and hands-on setting, these setters planned and executed their own USAC bouldering local.

Route Setting as Product Design With Ward Byrum

July 2019

As the Director of Routesetting at Earth Treks Climbing Centers, Ward Byrum understands that for climbing gyms, your routes are your products. Ward led a two-day clinic which covered everything from visual aesthetics to creating routes with specific climber personas in mind.

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Setting With Intention With Jeremy Ho

April 2019

Every problem has its place. During this free SYLRS clinic with Jeremy Ho, setters focused on the intentionality behind routes and movements, and how each climb has to fit into the larger setting plan for a gym to help climbers learn and progress.

Setting High Risk Boulders With Chris LoCrasto

September 2018

As indoor climbing continues to grow into its own self-sufficient ecosystem, it becomes less important for indoor routes to mimic outdoor movement at all times. This has led to the rise of the dyno climb, or what some call “parkour climbing” or “skate-style”.

Chris LoCrasto led a clinic on how to create these styles of climbs and how to safely integrate them into a commercial gym. Often these “high risk” boulders feel much riskier than they are and have the potential for injury carefully mitigated.

Route Setting With Shane Messer

April 2018

With 15 locations to manage and counting, Shane Messer, Central Rock Gym’s Director of Route Setting has had a lot of experience training setters for work at a commercial gym. He passed his knowledge and experience on at our first Support Your Local Route Setter clinic where setters focused on the most important aspects of commercial setting.

Traveling Holds

2016 — 2018

Great competitions can’t happen without exceptional route setting to create memorable moments for climbers and audiences. Rock Candy sponsored competitions around North America by sending a complete set of our newest series to keep route setters inspired.

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