Medium Home Wall Pack - Smooth

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Start or expand your home wall with these purely functional jugs, pinches, crimps, and slopers.  Set with plenty of variety without taking a toll on your wallet. Includes 70 holds.

This home wall pack is priced at our wholesale discount and includes alloy bolts and an L Wrench for free. Upgrade to stainless steel for outdoor use.

What's inside:

  • Diatom Incuts MD A
  • Dents XL A
  • Jaspers 2XL
  • Buckets MD A
  • Mesa MD
  • Pinched Pillows XL
  • Blockus XL A
  • Buckets Feet A
  • Bolts (T-nuts must be ordered separately)
  • L Wrench

Color Options:

  • Standard: Purple 7-13, Blue 13-01, Red 11-12, Pink 11-26, Orange 14-01, Green 16-16, Yellow 15-12
  • Earth Tones: Black 18-01, Brown 11-17, Grey 18-09, Dune 15-06
  • Neon: Neon Pink 11-25, Neon Blue 13-18, Neon Green 06-06, Neon Yellow 15-09, Neon Orange 14-11

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