Textured Variety Expansion Pack

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Keep your wall fresh with a reset. Expansion Packs are perfect to add variety to your next reset at a fraction of the cost of buying full lines. This pack includes textured jugs, pinches, crimps and slopers.

This pack is priced at our wholesale discount and includes alloy bolts for free. Upgrade to stainless steel for outdoor use.

What's inside:

  • x5 Crusty SM jugs
  • x3 Tunnel Rats SM crimps
  • x3 Stinkhorn MD jugs
  • x2 Honchos LG slopers
  • x2 Honchos Jugs LG 
  • x3 Gastropods LG pinches
  • x5 Crispy Crimp feet
  • Bolts (T-nuts must be ordered separately)

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